Old Home Renovations
Building a New House

Warren, Sandy and Keiran live in Saskatoon. We are in a brand new house, designed by ourselves. The neighborhood is still under construction. It will be at least 4 years before I can look out one of the windows and NOT see a new house being built. We are now engaged in landscaping, along with ALL of our neighbors. It will be a long term project...

We have now been here two years. Pretty neat, and the neighbourhood is starting to fill in.

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I have enjoyed watching the seasons change from fall to winter. And now from summer to fall. Most mornings are magical as the sun comes up over the grassland.

Our new home in the dirt...

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Keiran is now 3 years old. He will be off to pre-school this fall, taking advantage of the brand new schools in our new neighborhood.

Keiran has just started pre-school. He likes it. Here he is on his first day. Time flies by.

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