Seasons Greetings


Here we are again. Another year almost gone. We are fortunate, and life is good. So where are we and what did we do this year? A lot less than last year, when we made two trips to Europe. Joyce refuses to contemplate another miserable transatlantic flight (although Peter is working on that). We have a horror of becoming two cabbages sleeping in front of the TV. We try to keep in shape, Joyce is usually out walking at 5 am, Peter goes to the Fitness center at 6 am for 2 hours (on weekdays - he heals on weekends). We do ballroom dancing classes once a week, a Hash (Hash House Harriers) once a month and go on RV trips once a month or so, as well as a few other groups. We try to do the New York Times Crossword every day (but we can't do Friday or Saturday). Does all this keep us young? It doesn't appear to - we ache all over and forget things. So here was our year:




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January started off with New Years at Sun N Fun Campsite in Sarasota, with the RV Club and our good friends the Kenudsons.

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2008-12-31 13-06-11_0075.JPG (4543823 bytes)

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Marie Selby Gardens

Lunch at Dry Dock on Longboat Key

Midnight and 2009




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2009-01-22 17-22-58 P1000165.JPG (4361563 bytes)

2009-01-24 12-00-19 P1000222.JPG (5270473 bytes)

Later in January we went on a four-night Jolly Roger Hash House Harriers Cruise, to Cozumel, Mexico


February was mostly taken up by visits to doctors and dentists

Warren, Sandy & Keiran came in March, which meant several hectic days for us

2009-03-15 19-49-29_0302.JPG (1668305 bytes)

2009-03-17 15-18-45_0098.JPG (1231301 bytes)

2009-03-20 11-26-47_0078.JPG (1254583 bytes)

They were lucky to coincide with a Shuttle launch at the Space Center

To celebrate Peter's 78th birthday, we went biking at Santos Trailhead

And kayaking on Rainbow River




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2009-04-23 15-40-53 P1000837.JPG (3815158 bytes)

2009-04-29 10-23-08 P1000855.JPG (4717614 bytes)

We went on an RV trip to Titusville, and Canaveral National Seashore

In April we went to the Sun N Fun Air Show at Lakeland Airport

And to the Stephen Foster campsite on the Suwannee River




In May and June we did not do much except another round of physicians and surgeons

2009-06-06 07-48-06 P1000956.JPG (5153044 bytes)

2009-05-21 12-44-10_0004.JPG (1594042 bytes)

2009-06-21 17-38-01_0042.JPG (5260592 bytes)

Joyce was thrilled to see some Egyptian Geese at our lake

And she was proud of her Adenium

The Down-down for the Golden Hash was at our house




July was busy. Graham, Nancy & family came to see us

2009-07-03 10-44-17_0101.JPG (5221730 bytes)

2009-07-07 15-53-20_0168.JPG (3268682 bytes)

2009-07-07 17-37-27_0197.JPG (3847110 bytes)

Santos trail again

Stephanie and her butterflies at the Rainforest

Julie playing the piano at Kenudson's

Also in July we went to see Alison in Irvine, where she and Ken had planned a full program for us, including hiking on Turtle Rock and in the San Bernardino Mountains, biking, La Brea Tar Pits and Irvine Art museums, racing go carts (no pictures unfortunately), balloon ride, car show, arboretum, and a Persian Restaurant for Joyce's birthday

2009-07-15 10-53-24_0208.JPG (5043459 bytes)

2009-07-17 16-12-42_0235.JPG (4252167 bytes)

2009-07-18 13-55-30_0289.JPG (4146183 bytes)

Turtle Rock

La Brea Tar Pits

Balloon ride (a tethered balloon)

2009-07-18 10-56-05_0255.JPG (5156646 bytes)

2009-07-19 11-34-04_0073.JPG (1615825 bytes)

2009-07-21 07-47-46_0032.JPG (3584658 bytes)

Car show

Heaps Peak

Newport Beach


So it was August by the time we left for Saskatchewan, towing our 5th wheel, and we did not detour on the way

2009-09-19 11-58-42_0038.JPG (1506040 bytes)

2009-09-06 18-12-02_0091.JPG (4307282 bytes)

2009-09-26 18-01-35_0032.JPG (2434896 bytes)

Lots of maintenance on the cabin, including roof flashing, water inlet, furnace blower and upgrading the hot tub

But thanks to our guests, we dined well on weekends, including wild sockeye Bill caught off Alberni

The winds were too exciting for Joyce and Peter to go sailing, but we did some quiet canoe trips

We left on October 4, just three days ahead of the snow. We were not warm until we got to Georgia, but Florida was still 93F (33C)

2009-10-25 17-51-56_0063_BW_D.jpg (816633 bytes)

2009-11-10 12-57-05_0144_BW.JPG (3330073 bytes)

2009-12-01 19-36-22_0403_BW.JPG (4425986 bytes)

Back to the Halloween Hash

An RV trip to Sebastian Inlet

And a party to turn on our neighbors' Christmas lights


Which is a good place to end. Keep in touch, at least once a year.

We are at; or snail mail at 9385 SE 125th St, Summerfield, FL 34491, USA; or +1 352 307 2705

Hope you have a happy and healthy 2010

Joyce & Peter