McLennan and Versailles Lakes Loop, July 2005


Peter: I have pasted in everyone's notes, so there will be some overlap and repetition, but I like the unvarnished comments.

Participants were (click on the pictures for a larger view)

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Wayne Clark                                                                   


My theme for the canoe trip was to follow my mission statement for the past few years: “Learn to Paddle your Own Canoe.” Literally and figuratively, I made great strides toward fulfilling my mission.


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and his daughter Megan


I can’t really say that I enjoy canoeing, especially since everyone else on the canoe trip is always older, bigger and stronger than me, not to mention that they’re consistently male.  The things that make canoe trips enjoyable for me are definitely the people I’m with and the beautiful, calm surroundings.  The sense of accomplishment, not to mention relief of being able to use an actual washroom, when they’re over is always satisfying to the extreme.


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Mike Baribeau                                                                        

Brent, as usual, was the main organizer for this trip (thanks Brent).  I had originally planned to go with my youngest son Cameron however Cameron was not real enthusiastic and had a potential soccer conflict. My oldest son Kevin agreed to go instead.  I have gone on many canoe trips but never with one of my boys so this trip was special in that I got to spend some time with Kevin in a very relaxed environment.



Kevin.jpg (93510 bytes) and his son Kevin
Brent.jpg (30028 bytes) Wayne's brother Brent  
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and me, Peter Long

I am filling in the boiler plate bits in our trip report. I have been on canoe trips before, usually with my son Warren, but I have made a couple of solo trips with Brent, and  However, the most memorable (exciting, terrifying?) was when I went with Mike on the Paull River trip






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Wayne and Megan came farthest from Yorkton, near the Manitoba border (if  don't count Peter's trip from Florida). In Saskatoon they picked up Brent, Mike and Kevin, as well as Mike's trailer, carrying the dry bags and two canoes, and on Sunday evening they drove to Peter's cabin on Emma Lake, just south of Prince Albert National Park

Our put-in point was at that red dot north of La Ronge. On this map it shows as being beyond the end of the road, but in fact the road continues for 420 km more as a gravel road to a uranium mine. At the end of the paved road there is an ominous sign saying "Beware of large trucks for the next 403 km." These are 30 wheel triplex rigs taking supplies in to the mines and returning empty. They are not wasting time and the road is narrow in spots. The gravel is like marbles (for Florida drivers) with potholes after it rains. 


Mike:    Brent, Wayne, Meagan, Kevin and I drove to Peter and Joyce's cabin at Emma Lake in Wayne's van on Sunday afternoon. We spent Sunday evening and all day Monday at Emma Lake. Peter's son Warren and his family plus Warren's friend, Michael Lockerbie, and his family were at the cabin when we arrived. It turns out that Kevin knows Michael as they both played in the same jazz band a few years ago. Sunday evening Warren took Kevin and I out for a sail on the catamaran. The wind was fairly strong and Warren likes to push things to the edge, hence we got a thrilling ride but did not dump. 

Megan:    Before the trip, I got my last glimpse of civilization when we stayed at Longs’ cabin for two nights.  We ate well, relaxed and visited.  I got to go sailing and kayaking.  The company was wonderful.  The surroundings were awe-inspiring.  There was even a toilet of sorts…  Paradise! 

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