Florida 2002



We had never been to Florida. Now in February 2002, with Peter just returned from seeing his father in England, and with dear old Max having gone, we were free to go. It was difficult to tear ourselves away from all the things we had to do around the house and with our various clubs in the Washington area, but finally we said just do it.

We decided to travel down the east coast and to return via the west coast. We wanted to go all the way to Key West to make sure we saw the whole thing.

We did not want to sight see much on the way, so planned a long first day to Savannah, Georgia. Then taking it somewhat easier, we booked motels at St. Augustine, Coco Beach, Florida City (just past Miami, which did not interest us) and Key West. We left the bookings open for the return.

We decided to take the trusty Caprice, had it lubricated and the oil changed, disregarded the $400 of padded work the shop said was needed, sent E Mails to the neighbors and kids, packed and left.


Clifton to Savannah

We left early Friday morning, February 8, passing through Prince William County to I 95 where we joined a procession of wrinklies in Buicks, Cadillacs and Lincolns going south on I 95.

The east coast all the way along I 95 is flat, in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.  Rivers are wide, meandering and marshy.

This was a long day’s drive, 575 miles (mostly at 80 mph), so we did no sightseeing on the way. Left at 07.00 and checked into the Comfort Inn in Savannah at about 16.00.


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